“The difficult we do right away. The impossible, takes just a while longer.”

NASA heavy and uplifting!

NASA heavy and uplifting!


I wonder how the world today has plummeted into a death spiral of celebrity fixation powered by cultural black holes of advertising and PR and their vast orbit of diabolical influence. Useless tribes of the glib-gob media are rewarded  in continual loops to bring to the world nothing more than the vacuity of their lives, and those of others .

How is this so?

Imagine for a moment if folk in any other line of work were paid for just ‘turning up and talking’.

A surgeon “Let me talk about your triple by-pass.  This is a stent!  Good-bye”  A plumber “This is a tap. Here’s a U-Bend, pal” . A pilot ” Woops! Would you believe it; I retracted the knob there too quickly. Your destination is not the one you packed your sandals for, folks.  It’s terminal!  We’re going to auger into the ground.  It’ll be at a fascinating speed all the same”

It’s no consolation that if such a tragedy were to happen, it would get the glib gob treatment too .  “Yes Brian. Devastation came to this small town in a shower of aluminium.  We will keep you updated. Back to you in the studio and sports” Thanks Mary!” Thanks Brian!  Thanks Mary!”  savage tribes of self serving TV glib chatter merchants

The chasm between work and service that is vital and of use; work of skill and demanding courage; work of nurses, ambulance personnel, doctors, surgeons, aviators, utility engineers and the rest, with that so called industry of the small screen and large screen -that chasm is so large as to be greatly disheartening.




In the High Desert of Mojave however the spirit sours with the skill of so many modest people.

at  Edwards AFB California and Nellis AFB Nevada.  From west or left coast

and points in between;  to the east or right coast at Cape Canaveral Ranges and Patrick AFB.

In more innocent times, a US President said on Nov 21 1963 (a day before fate intervined)

 “Frank O’Connor the Irish writer tells in one of his books how as a boy, he and his friends would make their way across the countryside, and when they came to an orchard wall that seemed too high and too doubtful to try and too difficult to permit their voyage to continue, they took off their hats and tossed them over the wall; and then they had no choice but to follow them. This Nation (USA) has tossed its cap over the wall of space, and we have no choice but to follow it. Whatever the difficulties, they will be overcome”.

 At the Naval Academy some time earlier he spoke

“Let me close with an Irish toast that often comes to mind at the end of a long day in Washington ? May the devil chase you every day of your life and never catch you. As I always mentally add to that toast, if the devil isn’t at least chasing you, you’re probably not doing it right? and you’re probably not Irish. Thank you and Erin Go Bragh! “end.



I have never seen U2 a  ‘popular’ band.

I had however the greater favour and liberty to be around the original U2 and it’s Lockheed stablemate the SR-71.

I advisedly say that it is the technology and design by human mind and hand which I admire, not the purpose to which governments did or do find use for them.  


The fastest n highest ‘world covering’ Blackbird. “Fear no evil for we are at Mach 3, 80,000feet n climbing”

never fly under the radar-when you can fly over!.  Like it's stable mate-the faster SR-71 both have a Wing motto 'the Lord is my shepherd- I fear no-one- for I'm at 80,000-and climbing!!!

THE U2 refitted for 2IST Century. Originally developed c 1955-or my year.

South Lawn 2007 A year later, I was inside the White House

South Lawn in 2007.   A year later, I was inside!

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. I fear no evil for I am at Mach 3 80,000 ft and climbing.The remarkable titanium bodied EARTH COVERING history laden SR 71 Blackbird. No  bombs, only cameras. The McCartney song came to mind beneath the plane.  He was singing about a feathered bird I think.

Here the updated 2006


So many retro-fits since 1960.

 From sunny California to……..

 the District of C
The house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.  I returned in 2008 for a look inside.   Cameras not allowed.
 As you walk in the small entrance a stairway to the left leadsup to the very private second floor world.  One wrong move here and there might be a close shave with a Remington automatic .
Straight ahead is the Cross Hall from where Presidents walk down to meet the world’s press at the East Room .  This is a multipurpose room where press, rock stars, royalty convene, but not all at once. The room iscompact-unlike the impression given by the worlds cameras.
The Blue, Green,and Red rooms to the right and then right again were slightly bizarre in my view. 
They appeared like large doll-house rooms.  They are effectively representations of how late 18c, into 19c,  and early 20 century rooms were in grand estates,  I guess.  Either that or George has been very thoughtful about porcelain figurines.  
 Quaint?  Yesiree!
 I did touch ‘stuff’ that are usually left untouched.   I do this routinely be it Redwood trees in California, Picasso paintings in Madrid, or pebbles in Rome. 
 The White House tour doubles back 360 degrees to the entrance hall and front door.  The place that every camera has captured since time immemorial or just the time I can recall on film c.1924-2008.
 I was intrigued that the driveway with the green eye-level hedge was very narrow.    Much narrower than expected for the parking space of limousines, 4X4”s and armoured  to boot.    
 The lantern fascinated me even more.  I thought of all the ‘heads’ that ever passed under it (or most of them).

North Portico White House

 <No inside photo images as cameras are verboten .  Full screening!.  *No bags, small or big.  The very famous Hotel second down adjacent mercifully took them for the duration after the first less famous and rude hotel didn’t!
*Incidentally bags were allowed in a criminal Court in San Jose.  I was a guest of the lady Court reporter though. Maybe that helped!>
 Across the Potomac 2007 and 2008 I felt the urge to drop in to inspect the Pentagon folks . 
 The US had been trillions in the red from some dubious practices at the time of the 2001 attacks; and events were going into a greater ‘pear’configuration in 2008.  
 “There are known knowns.  There are known unknowns; there are knowns we know about; and there are unknowns …….!”
 That’s a most reasonable statement from Donald R.   But he and his administration contributed greatly to the list of ‘unknowns’ and never to be ‘knowns’
Ladies and Gentlemen, be seated!




 The US presidential schedule for a week in 2010 was comparatively slow. 

Monday 9:15 receives the Presidential Daily Briefing 9:50 departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Greensboro, North Carolina 11:05 arrives in Greensboro, North Carolina Forsyth Technical Community College, North Carolina, Winston-Salem 12:20 deliver remarks to workers, Forsyth Technical Community College, North Carolina, Winston-Salem  1:55 departs Greensboro, North Carolina en route Andrews Air Force Base 2:55 arrives at Andrews Air Force Base  3:10 arrives at the White House 3:15 meets with senior advisors 6:10 statement to the press on tax cuts and unemployment insurance Tuesday10:05 receive the Presidential Daily Briefing 1:30 The President participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony Ambassador Tunisian Republic; Republic of Colombia; Swiss Confederation; Argentine Republic; Montenegro; Kyrgyz Republic; Kingdom of Thailand 2:00 receives the Economic Daily Briefing 2:20  holds a news conference. 5:20 meets with senior advisors Wednesday 9:30 receive the Presidential Daily Briefing 10:15 holds a bilateral meeting with President Komorowski of Poland 10:30 holds an expanded bilateral meeting with President Komorowski, Oval Office 11:05 with President Komorowski deliver statements to the press and take questions 2:15 meet with Secretary of State Clinton 3:30 Cabinet meeting 4:50 meets with senior advisors 5:30 signs the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 Thursday Friday – No public schedule.   credit:D.O’Loinnsigh



Meanwhile in Ireland at the Aras……..

Mary will be arranging flowers.

She will speak with the cook later.

The Shankill Association for the Continuation of Sectarianism, Bigotry, Racism, and Olde Attitudes are due to call in mid-week or whenever they feel like it!

Comparison – Cost Benefit Analysis

1. President of the United States $400,000   President of Ireland $433,000

2. Secretary of State , America $191,300 Irish Foreign Minister $270,000

3. Senator, America $174,000 Member of Parliament, Ireland $136,000

4. Top Department head U.S. government $150,000 Top civil servant Ireland $400,000

5.Salary CEO head of Pacific Gas and Electric serving 15 million people $1.1 million Salary ESB serving 4.5 million people $1.1 million

6. U.S. Secretary of Heath and Human services $131,000 CEO  Health Service Executive Ireland $422,00

7. CEO  of Dublin Airport Authority: $748,000 CEO New York Port Authority (handling La Guardia, Kennedy, Newark) $286,000

Comparing a country with 320 million people and fifty states to one of 4.5 million people or the size of the state of Maine!

Any wonder the Irish are in trouble?

credit:Irish Central for stats!.

The Irish Presidential 2011.

 …….. or the less than natural desire for the Aras.

The count has started they say.  I’m sure there’s a superfluous vowel in that word so favoured by politicians and servile media.

The simple question that ought to be asked of candidates is; “Why are you seeking this position?  Apart that is from a salary, benefits, and pension that exceed those of elected officials from more powerful nations?

All candidates for future elections should be subject to a clause 22 . “if a person seeks office they would by doing so,- de-select themselves”.

When a candidate acquires a seat on that larger gravy train laughingly referred to as the Oireachtas  (Irish Parliament Upper and Lower, House and Senate for overseas readers) they ought to be directed to state “I am grotesquely overpaid for this job.  I’ve no clue about it!   In that regard, I’m  like all who went before me”




Specific to the 2008 economic debacle….

To the foreign press, someone ought to have said   “The Republic of Ireland has not been ‘bailed out’ but given a loan which we will pay back with great interest.  Our  hearts are warmed by the 6 billion euro from the British Exchequer, but it’s not necessary!

Whose idea was it to make the Republic of Ireland the Blanche Du Bois of nations?



In all seriousness, why was the sovereignty of this country permitted to be dragged over a further ‘bog’ for such a miniscule figure viz UK loan. Could Dept of Finance not have got the shortfall of ‘spondulicks’ from just the one source, the European Central Bank,  without this token from ‘Blighty.

It was an aberration of the Finance minister (dead and eulogized) to have ever asked for it.  He should have said “We are grand, thanks all the same !”


Incidentally UK politicians are better at their jobs.

What could be done to promote Ireland without producing stereotypes such as  friendliness (largely a myth) and the gift of the glib gob (sadly true).

The drinking image makers of Guinness reached the apotheosis of marketing dark arts by it’s pernicious presence around the British Monarch.   Her Madge stricken by the sight of the Royal Standard Harp replaced by a brewery one refused to imbibe the dark brew.

Ingestion of it by the US President days later restored the joy of *Diageo and it’s shareholders.

  *Diageo plc Registered Number: 23307 Registered office: Lakeside Drive, Park Royal, London, NW10 7HQ Place of Registration: England and Wales




 Tourist Board missed an opportunity to start a ‘Schadenfreude’ Tourism since September 15, 2008

Along the lines…..

‘Come over from the valleys of Cymru and lowlands of Caledonia and see how old stereotypes of the ‘stupid Oirish’ were not without some truth, begorrah!.

‘Let us show you our Parliament with gombeen semi-intelligible but a wealthy political class going personally forward.  We’ll take our leave for a visit to the other national parliaments of the Irish Fourth Estate at  NewsQUAK FM and aRsTE.



From the Loathsome to the Ludicrous. 


My reply to a comment on a website which had a welsh person spout ethnic if not racist views against an Franco-Irishman. Mr. Rolland was completely correct according to Rugby Union law in dismissing the fouling player!  Bravo!

The Welsh who used one ball more than rugby union regulation normally permit to cheat and win some months ago, were not able to accept another law of the game

The list of rugby infringements overlooked by ‘mainland ‘ referees since 1964-to 2000-against Irish teams would fill a few coal mines. Perhaps the people who ranted abuse at the Franco Irish referee would prefer to have nations play with themselves.

as Dowie Copernicus said "wales is the centre of the universe"

Dowie Copernicus says “wales is the centre of the universe boyo”


That would allow France and Italy and England and Ireland to have The Four Country Championship with the bonus of avoiding two dull cities.

Commentators and professional broadcasters take note.  Nations are not countries definitively.

The England rugby team to their credit ‘turned up’ to play in the early 1970’s as the aforementioned two colonial teams made excuses to hide away .  It prevented a probable Grand Slam for Ireland.

While I’m here; could all broadcasters familiarise themselves with foreign names.

It took years before Monsieur David Ginola was called by the name his father gave him.  Similarly for Thiery Henri.  It might be unimaginable for UK or Irish broadcasters to learn another language but pronouncing Thair-e for Thiery-not Tee air e is not asking too much of them!.  Is it?  Exception being George Hamilton who speaks German and French and probably Ulster Scots)



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