7 Billion; and most are Tw*tters.

The BBC’s Emily Maitlis awhile back was sent to scout down the socially awkward social media guru Mark Zuckerberg.  It made for uncomfortable viewing.  The new inquisitorial voice of Auntie Beeb in high boots and tight jodhpur trousers (bad choice superficially) interviewed with hyper enthusiasm and breathlessness the young billionaire.  What was the news or attraction for the cougarish Maitlis to fly from London to Palo Alto Calif.


The greater mass of the globes population has one or rather a page in this book.  Moreover to compound the stupidity,  a Twitter account to boot.  Surely misplaced consonants in the former and a vowel in the latter,  are clues to the mentality of those who have either.

Way to go, Mark, and Jack (Dorsey).  Can’t shoot a grifter for stumbling on suckers!  Half a planet of suckers is scary though!




Speaking of numbers. The over-burdened planet has been boarded by a 7 billionth human during 2011.   That’s roughly twice the number that was of concern to me (sustainability wise) in the 1970’s

Half of them being Tw*tters!   ***It was my opinion ca. March 2006. The pejorative epithet is only used because Twitter is not called Cacker.  It would follow that subscribers in this instance would be C*ckers.

<***The Conservative PM’s use of Tw*atters in c.2009 was 3 years in the making.  Typical politician. >

As for the BBC Emily;  she is usually more professional than she was in this taped package.   What could have caused this?  Billion dollar madness or Closet Cougar Syndrome?

Don’t leave us yet Kirsty!


I say this despite viewing the BBC, including Newsnight,  Radio 4 et al. ‘trending’ for the last few years to the depths of the Twitter and Facebook influence.

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