Human-All to Human!

I  became aware of JPS as late as 1976, when I read Philosophy/Psychology at UCD.  Interesting individual all the same!
 This documentary was a useful visual primer on the person and his time. The narrator however could possibly (for her fee) have seen the need to pronounce  ‘Sartre‘ as his father and mother intended. She could have noticed Prof.Levi’s intonation and taken his lead.  Forget the last syllable for a start!
While I’m in this mood; most people on the archipelago of islands off Europe’s mainland have an inability not only to speak another language but pronounce simple words from that ‘other’ language.  How many times over the course of the last decade or three, have you heard some highly paid  **** review  “a fillim or  moo-vee” on some panel show and drop words such as “film noir” ‘or  “bete noir” or similar from a  limited repertoire, with  faulty abandon.
  Hint!   It’s not ‘noo-or.   Try  nooooahhhhrrrr-and you might be close…enough.   La langue française is a delicate beauty that needs a delicate touch!  Encore, mes enfants,
 SAR-truh et Duh-bo-vahrrr  étaient dans l’amour
Jean-Paul Sartre (um 1950)

Jean-Paul Sartre (um 1950) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


To conclude, as the commentariat in Ireland, UK,  and the US continually struggle with les mots élégant in some venal effort to sound cultive ; perhaps they ought to stick with the Moet, and leave the ‘mots’ alone.



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