50 Years on….


Tethered display at the KSC is an apt visual metaphor for current stalled US manned flight operations.  Surely a temporary hiatus.


A mile or more further along Cape Canaveral………






in their natural setting as it were










TIME stops.  It's relative!

TIME stops. It’s relative!









7 years on, I must upload more photos from the Cape, and those at the Smithsonian up in Washington DC.



Another Irish connection at NASA.



From the ground UP!

I did fly a Cessna but mercifully for all, only momentarily, on a journey from Merritt Airport over the causeways and both rivers to Cocoa Beach and then north as close a allowed to the iconic 1957-2012 Cape launch site.

I thought of the many vehicles over 50 years that rose along this corridor transonically, supersonically and hypersonically.

This Cessna 172 is the same make and model pla...

This Cessna 172 is the same make and model plane that crashed into the Bank of America Tower in Tampa, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










The reference to a bank in Tampa should be overlooked.  It is not the same plane.  Never went near Tampa, officer!.   Honestly!




My digitalized name on a microchip



is aboard this  infra.




Admittedly there are > 750,000 but < 1 million other names on this human nail size silicon chip.   All are travelling with the most expensive ‘car’ ever built, in a capsule, on top of a rocket, at hypersonic speed, for 8 months!

There is the adage ‘if it ain’t broke-don’t fix it’.  The people at JPL though are always looking for options and they have chosen a more complicated multi-stage landing procedure (higher chance of failure) over the previous successful landing techniques.


Good luck.   ETA  August 2012.   UPDATE.  It landed perfectly ( the tiny section on top of the rocket ) All is well.  The Mars Rover is working like a beaver -(if it were a robot)

Ares I-X launches from Kennedy Space Center la...


The mission as the world knows-was a complete success.  Curiosity is roving away with daily scientific tasks.  Mars today helps you work rest and …..stay!


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