Watergate, watershed, or water under the Arlington Memorial Bridge?

which reminds me to include more shots. 


  I mean photos Officer!


Only method to take this angle of shot is atop the Washington Monument.  A helicopter would be shot down under P56 Air Restriction stricture.

Only method to take this shot without arrest jail-time deportation or death is to go atop the Washington Monument. So I did!  Private use of a helicopter or plane not recommended under P56 Air Restriction stricture.   



 If you turn your head 90 degrees.  Go on humour me………

the Mall outstretched leading up to the Capitol.

the Mall outstretched leading up to the Capitol.

 The dimming light has more to do with post-pic-fixing than actual elapsed time.  Although I did spend an amount of time in situ.  The tent below forefront  was a moveable feast (almost literally)


 if you turn your head another 90 degrees or thereabouts, maybe 75.


and a tad more


basically the Basin

Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin, and Potomac Parks. 


 swing those neck muscles again please since the monument ain’t moving.  Who said why not?   


Yes, of course.  Abraham has one two.

Abraham has one two.


 To give your further orientation.   The Pentagon(of which you heard) in this photographic exposition is over the Potomac river in Virginia to the left (background) and within that region is the Arlington cemetery.   Sadly there has been a relationship between the two for centuries ie Pentagon and Cemetery.

The JFK Center is background right in the picture above.  The Watergate Hotel and Complex of R.M.N infamy not far away.  This is a town of connections in many senses!

 I was about to give you the Tour Guide of everything; but here’s the basics courtesy of my Mountain View Cal. friends



Before we leave DC, or perhaps leave it once more,


Oct 2007.   It took another year to get inside that House yonder,  in the Fall of 2008

Hey Mr. President!  I came all the way from the old world, the old sod!    I need an invitation?   What?  Why I outta….!   I’ll be back!!!



 Oct 2007 I felt a need to get closer.   It took another year to get inside that House yonder in the Fall of 2008.  Incidentally on the wall before the East room ie in the Cross Hall was a large framed painting of one Hillary C.  I reckoned that Bill needed to assuage her wrought over some infidelity or other.   So here was this large unflattering (oil painting ironically) dwarfing to the right a small poignant painting of JFK.   More on the White House elsewhere but I re-iterate that the East Room is relatively small.  It is not what the cameras (over 50 years in my case) have presented to the senses.   Tiny considering it has held banquets for kings and concerts from rock stars.   not to mention more regular press conferences.  

More as I said elsewhere.

 Incidentally getting into the WH for a foreigner is very possible.  All you need is a hard-earned level of perseverance; and a friendly Senator’s clearance. 










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