Abra Abra cadabra…..I wanna reach out n grab ya!

I'm down in West Hollywood -Halloween Nite.   Guess it's like this-most of the time.

These two never refused a meal I’m guessing.  The one starboard may not even be an XX gal. Not sure!  What’s the male version of being bitchy?  Doggy! 

It’s Halloween October 31st 2006.  Though it’s hard to notice the difference that makes

 I’m  on West Hollywood

 Isn’t singleton behaviour a good case for marriage?  No?

Ah Marriage?  I imagine Groucho rolling his eyes head on hands

Time for gags. 

 or Horse sense.

I never knew what real happiness was until I got married.  Then it was too late!.


Before marriage man yearns for the woman they love. After marriage-the ‘Y’ is silent.

Man isn’t complete until married.  Then they’re really finished.

Marriage is a College where one loses a Bachelor’s Degree and the other gets a Masters

Marriage requires someone to undertake 5 rings  “Finger ring, Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Suffering, Enduring.

Marriage is the sole cause of divorce.

Wedding Anonymous for those times when you feel like getting married.  We send someone over to argue and burn the toast.

Love is an obsessive delusion finished by marriage.

Marriage is bliss. Ignorance is bliss. It follows …….?

Marriage Guidance window sign says: “OUT TO LUNCH – THINK IT OVER.”

Married people live longer than singletons; but married people are also a lot more willing to die…

 We all heard the variation on that last one….Married folk live longer than singles.  Really? No. It only feels that way.

Contracted bonded pair or casual polyamory ie  bookshop or library equation maybe?

To counterbalance cynicism …..


Make sure of your intention.  Use sparingly!

Some folk who have dodged the bullet ……


The restructured male


pic: feminspire.com  approve Mr Bailey


From another interesting town, Reno, Nevada

 The sight of the Sierra Nevada from a room here at the Atlantis was itself worth 80 bucks.

LA to San Francisco  below

Snooze or read?

or look at the great  view of the Pacific coastline.

Pacific-ation from LAX TO SFO in a 727

About Maurice O'Sullivan Aherne

As to the Gravatar inquiry which asks 'About Me' ? There is a life sustaining atmosphere. If they meant ...a description; there is more than the fraction shared online.
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