Fifty shades of Greenbacks$ and why it’s all…..Bulle!

Someone is making ‘dungeons’ of cash by writing or typing and probably with two fingers a nonsense titled ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.

Much ink too has been spilt about someone called EL James and her competitor someone called Stephanie Meyer on an issue of plagiarism with this ‘work’.  Both are satisfied about where their creative genius stemmed from.

50 Shades of Gray!  Fifty shades of risible early 21st century Anglo-American pulp commercialism more like!

Or is it grays?  As 5 grays of gamma radiation is sufficient to cause sterility before the onset of death; this book however might damage only the redundant grey matter of its readership.

<pause for a thought bubble and some finger tapping>

Has no one read ‘The Story of O’ by the way which has been on shelves for over half a century?

Has no one watched the humourous portrayal of this theme in Maîtresse (1976)

It’s as capricious as it is entertaining with Bulle and Gerard.

Ogier has something.  I mean besides ‘the gear’ in this case.  Il est l’espièglerie d’une fille et  les exigences d’une femme,  à mon avis.

Bulle ca.1977


                                                                                                                                                                     ”  Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety ”

Bulle ca 1995

Of course she is not unlike many women on mainland Europe. Had the French electorate overlooked des fautes et des erreurs we would have had Ségolène Royal for 5 years to gaze upon.


pic credit:

instead of the Franco-Hungarian chap. Although Carla played substitute-role well.

On the face of it, at least, Sego exudes refinement. I’ll let you spot the time when Segoline heard of Francois H and his new friend.

Superb zygomatic and corrugator action on display don’t you think?  Even for a French woman this is an impressive range of expressions!   Anatomically there is no gender difference in the number of facial muscles but women in my opinion express emotion with greater variation, and often intensity!

Here’s the male spectrum


pic credit: BBC.

Not to obsess about it, but did you know that Marie-Ségolène was an au pair in Ireland ca.1971.   You might have passed her in Duke St after she escaped from some family in Sandymount or Howth.

Here she is in full bloom if not innocence ca. 1974-ish.

So Paris on Bastille Day 2007 when I was there after the election was a little less glamorous with Sarky at the Élysée P.

No apologies for what some might mistakenly view as ‘ more objectification of women’ and so forth.  It’s tongue-in-cheek ;-).  

 Incidentally for decades the advertising-marketing industry have written for and about women with no regard for subtleties. 

Here however is good copy.

apart from punctuation-that's sound!

apart from punctuation, it makes sense.

Where were we?

Ah yes!  Fifty Shades of Grey!  Really?

More like Fifty Shades of recycling, fifty years later-as the easily persuaded are stampeding to magazine shops.  Has anyone heard of libraries by the way?  Speaking of which my desk is full of library cards from California’s El Segundo branch south of Marina Del Ray to Florida’s Cape Canaveral  at Polk Avenue, Brevard County.

Somewhere Eddie Bernays is smiling at  the inability of folk to refuse buying ‘stuff’.


photo wiki: Bernays

If you put your ‘shell-like’ close to the photo above, Ed is whispering ” Shlemiel!  Ye vill buy till you die!  Even a schmuck vill learn eventually.  By de vey my uncle Sigmund was never as schmart as me”

Anne Duclois  (Pauline Réage: The Story of O)  elsewhere with the choir invisible, is shrugging her shoulders bemused at the procured nature of 21st century writing


                                              “Alors!. Je ne sais pas ce qui se passé”


text:      Copyright © MOSAherne 2013 · All Rights Reserved ·


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