Not rocket science? Yes-it is!


 Who said light it up?


                                                      Hot in here today isn’t it?  Who turned off the air-con?


From the 5 Saturn J1’s of the Apollo era


to 3 RS-25 Shuttle Main Engines (SSME). 



  Here’s three we made earlier.



                           plus two solid rockets-


                                 for that little extra PUSH!




                                                 Keep in the oven until the night!


                                                             Bring up the temperature!  


                                                What do you mean it only goes to 10?  



                                                              This IS an 11 situation here!


                                                                                     HOLD IT!          


                                                                                              Now let it go!





 Just a few shots.  I figured it was a time for the naked eye rather than a viewfinder. 

 Actually  I’d forgotten again my better camera

Update 6 years on.  Having photographed the International Space Station flying over a portion of Ireland this month June 2013; this last pic above in retrospect mimics the ISS.  One reason is the transonic-super-hypersonic speed down range gives an impression of some sort of solar panel attachment.  The actual reason of course is lack of a telephoto lens and some camera shake.

I can assure you the STS  above doesn’t have a solar panel configuration.

 Here’s the ISS passing from west to east on 6th/7th /8th June2013.  It did so for almost a fortnight.  It’s 255 miles up-moving at a leisurely 17,239.2 mph.  I feel the .2 is important here;-).  Yes-it looks like a speck.  What d ya expect?  Time Life or Magnum photography?  Somehow I feel my dependable tiny Nikon Coolpix camera without telephoto attachments gives the right feel of distance and vacuity of space; the aloneness of the void….the existential chasm

 ….OK ye get my drift!

DSCN0249 DSCN0251 DSCN0252

What do ya want?  Time Life photo?  You might think it's a blemish on the film.  It's actually the ISS doing 17,239.2 mph 255 miles up!

These last 2 pics are a communication tower outside our dwelling.  Day or night they give the impression of rocket launch pads (albeit one fourth in size)






 3rd picture from top or the 11th up from here was close enough to have one concerned about liquid Nitrogen and a wayward stogie.  Atlantis was ‘pumped up’ for it’s mission to the ISS-International Space Station.

28 hours later and viewing further away, it made an expensive tax-dollar hole in the night sky.  Swirling masses of brown toxic fuel lingered in the darkness for some time.  As if in tribute to earlier times, the moon was out too.

The other STS shots elsewhere arose from a daylight flight by STS Discovery a year earlier as viewed from Cocoa Beach pier.   I had walked the beach with two women who were in  the industry.  They casually spoke about Apollo; Gemini; and Mercury launches.  I was a little envious.

There was nothing like that in Ireland 1960-73.  Living under the occasional flight path of a Vickers Viscount or an exotic Constellation,  several miles from Dublin airport,  wasn’t nearly by an ocean, the same.


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