Musicality? Taste is either great or not at all!

Style comes and goes but with a little substance might linger awhile.

Check out Chill Downtempo


for 21st century music sublimity.

I recommend

Kaskade   with     ‘4 AM’

Air                            Cherry Blossom Girl and Femme de L’argent.

Zero 7                        Most of their oeuvre

Boards of Canada       ‘Left Side Drive’

Climatic                              L’horrizonte

Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation) by Dougan

Did I mention?

Underwater Love

by Jerome Isma-Ae on Croatia which has a 1960’s feel

Indulge yourselves once more with Teardrop from Masive Attack and the wonderful last base note reminiscent of Isaac Hayes. Try their Black Milk on Mezzanine

Smashy n Nicey might have said “here’s a climber riding up the charts

It’s Personal           by            The Radio Dept


No doubt these young musicians were inspired or by some aural osmosis sub-liminally influenced by these  old guys below





In the late decades of the last century  Aja’ from the canon of Becker & Fagan set a standard.  Steely Dan are one of few acts or performers I paid to listen to in this age when every tenth person is promoted as a must-see tour.

The ear often outweighs the eye for impact and impression.  Here’s the guys in sound and vision.


from BBC’s Classic Album  AJA


Here’s the eponymous track (skip the commercial)


Humour is not confined to lyrics with the two amigos.  Fagen saying  …”with Jerry Lewis?”    Becker retorts  ” a fertile period for you”

Preferential tracks from their oeuvre would be

The Boston Rag.


Do it again

Haitian Divorce,




Why not lend an ear to Donald Fagen’s solo album ‘The Nightfly’


“This image is of a cover of an audio recording, and the copyright for it is most likely owned by either the publisher of the work or the artist(s) which produced the recording or cover artwork in question.”    That’s Wikipedia’s way of saying ” we’re clean-you’re on your own if you use it-and Donald calls.  Hence I say this photo is copyright of Mr Donald Fagan and to whoever he wishes it to be. 


 “I wait all nite for calls like these”


Other recommendations of mine towards 20th century musicianship

The Doors

The Band


 If you can ignore the public school preambles which interrupts their musical skill…..

 Pink Floyd

From the largely skipped 80’s I like

 Talking Heads’    Stop Making Sense 

Previously I had included links to above but YouTube got all possessive and denied access.  So as a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse, I urge you to take a look at the above artistes all by yourself with your own mouse. 




 Specific tracks  from the last century I gravitate towards ARE

Eagles         Tracks      New York Minute (live version) and I Can’t Tell You Why!

quintessential disco from Chic     such as        I Want Your Love

Isaac Hayes         Theme from Shaft

 Curtis Mayfield          Move on up        Superfly         Pusherman

America     Tracks             Horse With No Name      Sandman        Ventura Highway

Incidentally we were on Ventura Freeway (101 highway) as we moved passed Vandenberg AFB  via Lompoc California en route east into Arizona.

Until I find a better shot this one below is near enough to the locale!


(pic) Time for a crumpled stogie as I do some California dreamin’



Other sounds of the 20th century that float my boat are…..

For What it’s Worth      Buffalo Springfield

Black Water                       The Doobie Brothers    

Which reminds me of the black,  brown, and  blue waters between the Atlantic and Pacific I dipped a toe in.  Including those two oceans!

Here’s the very cold Colorado. 

1103 Needles 5




A brief respite from  ‘Americana’ as we remember the sounds of Blighty.

Elvis Costello -Oliver’s Army;

Joe Jackson-Steppin’ Out;

Police King of Pain;

Al Stewert– Year Of The Cat


Going TransLan once more …….





 Boz Scagg              What Can I Say

It would be remiss of me to leave ‘music’  without a nod to one of the few greats (still breathing) that is Mr. Zimmerman, Bob Dylan.  Again another individual I would pay to see,  but I took my time about it.

Bob Dylan deserves his status just for ‘touring’ alone .  He could easily  have rested on his  laurels for 40 years. Many times he did the circuit in Ireland but I must have had other priorities.



It took until 2000 July 14th in Minnesota (appropriately enough) for yours truly to catch up.  I was on Lyndale Ave and Lake St in south Minneapolis when by happenstance I read that BD was performing.

I have a few personal photos of the Twin Cities Minn /St Paul somewhere which I will try to find.

I leave you for now with Wiki’s look at this interesting part of the Mid-West.

Main street looking north in Lyle, Minnesota c...

Main street looking north in Lyle, Minnesota circa 1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Following way behind Dylan but still in a division above the rest is Neil Young.  His oeuvre is often more ascerbic which contrasts somewhat with the   ‘hippy’ optimism of The Byrds’.  Turn, Turn, Turn ‘ is kinda nice all the same.  Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For what it’s Worth’-is very evocative of the 1960’s.

Crosby, Stills, Nash with their changing configurations of CSN and CSN&Y are always melodically noteworthy.    ‘Just a Song before I go’  ‘Long Time Gone’  ‘Our House’  ‘Helplessly Hoping’

Harmonics and melody are not from a bygone era.  I came across the following in the last few years.

French duo        Air         with      Femme de L’argent

and FC Kahuna               Hayling

All to be found at Electronic>Chill Downtempo.  Find them on

Dip into classical or cool jazz while you’re there.


Gotta go for now,  but as I said to an Ukrainian friend Elizaveta.  I ain’t ‘rushing’  and neither are you Liz!”



 Incidentally, due to the passage of time some links may have gone a.w.o.l (or without my permission to leave at least)due to a small matter of copyright.   I guess some algorithm is in place which deletes use of YouTube on WordPress. 
 If links are unavailable due to Code 404-the problem is slightly different.  It’s the web’s shifting sands. Links are often like modern business, here today-gone tomorrow.  Then again in some cases the fault is due to editorial laziness.  I must try to re-read and re-write. 




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