No matter where you go….







Guess where, Dr Freud?   supra


It’s actually the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s original landing zone on the Red Planet for the Mars Lander Curiosity, and while it’s a geological idiosyncrasy, it does give a slight  impression of the major and minor anatomical structures of a human vulva.


 Houston …eh…I mean Pasadena JPL

 …..Curiosity has landed on pudendum femininum, slightly left of glans clitoris”.   

 We copy!



 And the gals say we don’t know where it is!

As I point you selflessly to many delights, may I remind you about returning before you go astray into very naughty corners. There are many places that will seduce you with offers that are ultimately unsatisfying and will leave you regretting your ‘one night stand’.

However, I will be here faithfully guiding in case you get in trouble.


No flipping!



 Irish wolfhounds would like to disassociate ourselves from this article. The author’s lapse into bawdiness might bring extra traffic, but it’s uncalled for!   We can only hope refinement and taste will resume shortly





About Maurice O'Sullivan Aherne

As to the Gravatar inquiry which asks 'About Me' ? There is a life sustaining atmosphere. If they meant ...a description; there is more than the fraction shared online.
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