On the fly….

Before proximity fliers and B.A.S.E. jumpers (super Alpha as they are) came Joe Kittinger 50 years earlier.

Joseph Kittinger's record-breaking skydive fro...

Joseph Kittinger’s record-breaking skydive from 102,800 feet (31,300 m). Photograph by Volkmar Wentzel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This clip infra demonstrates











The music track is suitable but the concluding ‘Guinness like surfing ‘ is perplexingly out of context.

Mr K is a candidate for the greatest Floridian and far too good for Orlando.  You should have stayed 40 miles east on the coast Joe!

This is quiet a CV !




In 2012, the oldest guy in the room assisted Felix, who being a B.A.S.E jumper and orthodox parachutist is clearly no slouch himself.

Nice pics with the birds!


And if one couldn’t reach higher in human achievement, here is Dr John Stapp

John Stapp

pic: wikimedia-commons


Working on the horizontal plane literally, this medical doctor put his life on the line and again I’m not speaking figuratively!




Decades on….

The ISS.

It moves at 21 times or so the speed of a bullit in real time.    Note the electrical activity in the skies as it transits from NW USA( Oregon down California to South America).

Fine use of time-lapse filming.




Then in 2012…….

Transit of Venus.

venus transit sun

venus transit sun (Photo credit: thr0ke)









No! Despite evidence to the contrary I am not another ‘space cadet’.  I don’t join groups in the same way as Groucho Marx.  Incidentally I  conscientiously objected to scouts and alter servants too!

As I was saying, I’m not a viewer of the night sky.  In fact I have reverse vertigo when I look up at the endless void, I get uneasy.  Looking down is easy!

However I did look for the Venus event. It was a cloudy morning!

Just at the time the Astrology boffins asserted that the transition would occur; I gazed.  The sun came up low and slow from the East (always a good sign I think).

I didn’t see the micro-dot transition across our Star (as in the wiki pic above) but I did look as it happened.  That was enough!




Back on earth once more…..

Lake Powell.  Nice editing and sound.

Geology of Nevada is sensational.



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