Mr.Mojo Rising. Light My Fire!

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Human nature being what it is might impel one to take this as a challenge.  The Law doesn’t.   If you ask me for a shot, eh,  I mean a picture, I’ll most likely accommodate! 

Some people would do otherwise….



Speaking of which…..

Never argue with a gun or the person who uses it!  They are evil, which itself is a  palindrome of ‘live’ as it happens.

Word to the wise . If you handle weapons, do it in the great outdoors. It dissipates the sound.

 Not my luck at the American Police Hall of Fame indoor echo chamber at Titusville, Fla..  Semi-automatics that sound like pea shooters in the open, don’t…indoors.

Ears muffs are not much help either, when one is stupid enough to lift them off to ask every few seconds “What did you say there Joe?”

No allowance was made for first timers.”Load it!” came the order from a friendly ex-cop turned boot-camp drill sergeant.  Shaking fingers pressed full metal jackets into an unforgiving coiled chamber.

Half a football field away stood the paper target.  A sneering hoodlum with a damsel in distress.  First few rounds of gold colored missiles kicked hard as they left the gas filled chamber.  Shell remnants rained down mockingly . Didn’t expect that!  I was the shooter after all. 

The lead at the business end, escaped at sound speed and grazed the extremities of the pulp terrorist 50 yards away. The well meaning cop was micro-managing me from the start.  “Squeeze the trigger.  Squeeze slowly-bang; squeeze slowly bang!” He was the perfect hindrance to my need to let off some steam.

bang bang bang bang.  I established free fire.  It was Harry Callahan time.  7 rounds in quick burst finished the paper ne’er do well off.  The female hostage sustained a few flesh wounds but would go on to make a full recovery in the paper pulp unit of Parrish hospital, Titusville.


“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I’ve kinda lost track myself”




picture copyright: Malpaso Productions, Warner Bros, and the ex-mayor of Carmel California,  Mr Eastwood.



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