It’s human nature to favour people we might have met momentarily.  A person who might be intolerable from afar may seem to possess hidden qualities when sharing the same physical space .

A politician could morph into a ‘grand fella’ if met.  Perhaps politicians are a bad example. It’s still a curious phenomenon.  Image, object, reputation, possibly icon.

I have being in the presence by chance of a few Irish ‘knowns’ .  Though I have met or being near many more famous foreign people while overseas (again by happenstance)


It must be stated that the Irish encounters were from a different era mercifully.

ca.1967.  Jimmy Magee.  was honestly modest. “Why do you want my autograph?”    I appreciate now his longevity now as I did his self-deprecation then.

ca. 1968   Mike Gibson.  great rugby center took the to sign an autograph-when others were too busy for a kid.

ca.1987- Tony Ward.   Imaginative rugby stand-off.  He politely was the only one to reply to my throwaway question  “who’s playing”‘ while I stopped momentarily at the schools match in leafy Donnybrook. His companion looked askance at my ignorance   Wardie answered politely.   The adage ‘bigger the name-nicer the person” applies.

Incidentally in the same location but a different day a driver of a 4×4 car stopped and asked me for directions.  The face was remotely familiar to me.  Afterwards I recalled  “That was Dana Wynter”.  She still had a lingering beauty. If I hadn’t been  distracted by heavy concerns I might have said ” let me show you the way”.



Dana Wynter  ca.1956- the Susan-Sigourney Weaver of her day.

Speaking of brunettes; she is not unlike another talented patient woman I knew around that time.

Back on topic…

Much further back in history c.1969

I was introduced as a young teen to Michael O’Hehir while he was in the Mater hospital .  I was not  impressed and I guess neither was he.  Many people liked his commentary.  I never took to the 1000 word per minute hokey-hocum he had on air which incidentally another Mick apes today on rugby commentary

c. 1963    My dad encouraged me to shake the hand of Brendan Behan in Baggot Street hospital.  Even a 7-year-old knew he must be someone of fame by the number of people listening to him.  He was quite friendly!

Incidently, Mr Behan held court in a public ward.  Mr O’Hehir in a very private one.


The most pulchritudinous feminine unaffected women on earth, are specific to certain geographical regions.  Northern-Eastern European; Southern Med; North African (Tunisia, Libya, Morocco); Middle Eastern; Oriental; and South American.

What’s left you might ask?  Britain, Ireland and parts of the US, where jeans, bling and attitude are of consuming concern.



Worrying figures…..



Society is mostly ego-id-laden units of biology subjected by advertising into craving crazed consumers.    Humans do like brand new shiny things!  After they dispense with the new, the brand, and the shine; they search for something else……..


In Minnesota, but just for research mind you, I had a look into the Mall of the America. Pictures to follow.

However that Mall of retail-commerce is dwarfed by another building, the Pentagon.

You’ve heard of name drop?.  This is a picture drop!



 Just crouching under the flight path of the ‘missile’ or plane that hit the section of building directly behind me.  Inside the Pentagon the destruction inflicted 6 years is barely evident. It was remarkable the repair.  That’s not the way with flesh, blood, minds and bodies. 

 Further along the tour the walls of office space are not made from marble as I had thought from old Pathe films but from ordinary brick and plaster.  It is extra-ordinarily ordinary!  The intersections are like that of a metro or a subway!  The central area a garden. 




 Back to those who think they may have some power

<impeccable segue;-)  >

back in Ireland

Let me preface this next opinion by saying that it was shocking to hear a politician who was ostensibly a very conscientious man had taken his life recently, due in some measure to abuse from such ‘social’ media sources.  On many levels that is sad.  Capricious Fate Fortuna seems perversely to strike against  ‘the better’  before casting her gaze on the worst .

That said………

F**king politicians!

My BP reached critical levels as I heard that uniquely self-reverential politician Pat Rabitte giving his typical sermon.  If physiognomy was a predictor of name he ought to be Pat Toad.

If he ever was caught in an embarrassing situation  he would maintain that he was doing it in the national interest. I would urge PR (apt initials) and those in the  kindergarten parliament of ‘Oirland’ to read


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