An AIB Global accountant’s view of Irish economy pre-bust is just……wrong!


Commiseration to the individual. None of us are infallible  Yet it ‘beggs’ the question-Who is working for whom?  .

A plethora of very fallible personalities over the last 5 years joined the  ‘Didn’t I tell you about it” industry.  Sadly-very human; but not surprising.   Economists, academics, rent a gobs, wireless presenters, and yes even a few preternaturally hard-necked politicians have nightly (5 multiply 365) made a living from it-appearing on panels or other fora.

Das Wunderkind-the boy David even combined banking stupidity with comedyto create Kilkenomics. Who would have thought it!

After 1:45AM Eastern Standard Time on September 15, 2008-I’d say many!!!

Those who are actually recognised by their International peers to have had an unusually perception if not a real precognition of the GFC-Global Financial Crisis were-

Dean Baker Wynne Godley Fred Harrison (UK) Michael Hudson Eric Janszen Steve Keen (Australia) Jakob Madsen & Jens Kjaer Sørensen (Denmark) Kurt Richebächer Nouriel Roubini Peter Schiff Robert Shiller.

If they’re still interested in money -they should ask Ollie Stone to make a movie  ‘The Cassandra Ten”


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