Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the U...
 Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




I can imagine Richard M whispering to Dean  “Hey listen John I didn’t do too bad.  I didn’t get shot!

I got interviewed by Frost who paid up.   He did nothing afterwards!

No seriously, I’m fine.I will have a wonderful retirement in San Clemente





But why I ask myself did he get involved with a burglary?  He had the election in the bag, didn’t he!

And why did he install a voice activated tape machine (not a switch) if indeed any at all in several rooms of the WH  and Camp David.

 The last bit is rhetoric I guess given the nature of the man.  He was a lawyer after all.



Here I am clueless in 2007, doing the tourist schtick.   I did get inside.  Well,  when I say inside,  I found myself talking with a very hospitable lady bank officer.  Afterwards I  wandered around the doughnut-shaped concourse.

As dusk settled, I got an inkling I had stayed beyond my welcome.  I was doing no visable harm to man nor beast when a security officer politely asked me to leave.

I didn’t discuss (too much) the possibility of irony in all this.   He was armed!


P1010146 P1010149 P1010153

Above, the Howard Johnson hotel opposite the Watergate Hotel.  The ‘look-outs’ were positioned somewhere on the top right. What a debacle!

In decades to come,  lazy commentators would be so conditioned as to place the suffix-’gate’ to any location or deed where action is perceived to be disreputable.  What dicks!

Look at what you started Richard!



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