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I’d like to understand how I arrived at .   I typed in Carl Jung and ‘bing’ I arrived at the webpage below.   I should have stuck with Google.

Seriously I searched under ‘human foibles+hubris’  To tell you the actual site link would be unethical  and tantamount to selling psilocybin mushrooms to unwary vegetarians

Let’s just say- if a pictorial record was required by a foreign agency to show everything that was/is questionable about Irish society this would be IT!.  There are some words in the rag eh? mag if pictures didn’t explain enough!

“Do you know who I am? ” celebrities.

 I don’t know them!


The psychology to be ‘in front of a camera’ is very interesting.  The D4 clinic as sponsor of this showbiz magazine is apposite.

Magazines now are not alone.  From a broadsheet comes  breath taking news

re  Amy and Brian

I caption as…….

” Brave as a lion he goes dummy blind pass with Hubes. Then sidesteps Paparazzi. In possession now, he carries beyond the ruck”. He hears Gordo ” Kick it to touch BOD!”  Amy screams No!!!!!!  Brian limps off in a sling-not for the first time.

re  Caroline and Rory

I caption as……..

Confuscius say ‘ when two gwasshoppers of eqwall size meet and have much gwashopper riches….. it make sense to riv togetha’



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