Guess where?

PA130059_1_0021_021 (2)

It may look like a field in County Limerick, Kerry or Tipperary

 (Regio Parentibus Meis)

 but it’s actually a slightly more humid green patch

 a few yards


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 Still not sure?



 15 or 33?



 No choice!  It’s 33 today, as we glide in.  F

 Final approach! 



Get your act together!

 Angle of descent has been-20 degrees for some time now.  7 times steeper and 20 times faster than your last arrival with sandals and sunscreen.

 Main and Nose gear deployed!

There IS no go around! 


 Are they your Rosary beads I see? 




 No I don’t want coffee!  Can’t you see I’m busy.   Preflare!


Close your eyes-if you wish!



 There we are! 


 Deploy chute!  That button there for Judas sake!



 A little harder than I had wished but what are you complaining about?. 

 You’re alive!



 as Commanders and Pilots Brian D O’Connor; Eileen Collins; Scott Kelly, Mark Kelly; Brian Duffy; Pamela Melroy, and scores of others going back to John Watts Young would have said…..


86 sec. to Touchdown 7.5 miles Runway 424 mph 10,000 feet Altitude

 Initiate Preflare             32 sec.            2 miles  351 mph 1,749 feet Altitude

Complete Preflare        17 sec.                 3,540 ft Runway 308 mph 134.5 Altitude

Wheels Down                   14 sec.                    1,099 ft.  Runway 267 mph 89 Altitude

Touchdown                                                      215 mph.     




 The entry pathway doesn’t look special .  It is possible that NASA saved the cash for one of the longest runways in the world which in my photo below runs right to left in the background .  

 Some pilots call this landing strip  “the gator tanning facility” as the American alligator likes to bask on it between arrivals. No doubt, their reptilian brain would sense danger from the sound barrier crack a few minutes before the white gliding brick touches down at 200 mph



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