“One of these nights when the birds aren’t even walking”

In a Lockheed Lodestar.


More aviation nostalgia anyone?



Archie evidently survived the war years to join the Corporation.  This generation of our parents were much more resilient and resourceful.

That was then this is now….

with 10 minutes in the day of responsible folk of ATC




A darker moment in flying….



“He took a 757, with zero time in type, did the manoeuvre described above, a 400 knot 330 degree spiraling dive at 2500 fpm, only gaining 30 knots, then 30 knots more descending from 2200 feet at full power, with a very steady hand as to not overshoot or hit the lawn, inside ground effect, at 460 knots impact speed, but was refused to rent a 172 cause he couldn’t land it at 65 knots? C’mon… “!


Further viewing on 2001



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