Who needs to be D PRESS ed?  Or if you’re unlucky,  further so!

I don’t buy it!

Not for a few years.

I wish it had been longer!  Why the disaffection?  Let me not count the ways.

The press and government are in bed together in an embrace so intimate they could be doing a 69 in the Kama Sutra!

Journalism ought to be asking incisive questions and reporting the truth.  Now the shill scribblers today are bred from a battery of media schools, and as one astute observer said  ‘learn to suckle for tit bits and defecate it as breaking news’.

It’s breaking something!  Morale and spirit!

Developing a worldview from the opinion of these types  is like learning physics from a child.  A precocious  child shouting  “Things are happening in the world. More importantly listen to us telling you all in our unique way”

For every multi-millionaire US news reader such as a Dianne Sawyer or Katie Couric there is an equivalent creature in Ireland.   Eileen, Emer and the gang (below) are our chosen few.  Their ability to move  jaw, lips, and tongue, in such a way as to articulate english words (sometimes even correctly) is apparently a rare skill.

Their negotiated contract (it would be too distressing to know the figures) would I suspect make a medical surgeon blush if they had time to notice such disparities while saving  lives daily.   Most people I suspect would prefer to have an extra doctor particularly in some emergency than a mouthpiece reading on a chair.

It’s not as if it is ‘real’ reporting either.  The rehearsed questions of the Sainted Anne Doyle in studio to some correspondent overseas was infantile. The comfortably retired semi-private employee Anne is now replaced by a new coterie of comfortably comfortable.  Eileen, Sharon,  Emer, and their younger sister Aonghas continue in such fashion.



Looking at them now they almost appear suitably ashamed! 



No wonder they smile and say good night each evening after speaking about desperate people dying in far distant wars or in famines.


Commercial Adver- teasing

When resting from acting some folk find a niche in voice-over work. They’re voice artistes no less!

I know we must try to earn a living but …?.  There’s an actual agency in Dublin Ireland (as opposed to Dublin in Ohio or California) that specialise in such ‘work’. Their web-site have CV’s with variations of the legend  “rich creamy Irish voice with a soft or hard sell”

I kid you not!

Who are they fooling?

Many regrettably.

Here's a job!

As for the voices.  All these cailíní sound similar . Munchkin* sounding Aoife or Sinead emploring the listener to buy something.  *Technical word to describe silly mid-atlantic meets bog country shrill sound.

Listen to samples on MP3 or RealPlayer at


Apt name!  They are in the voice trade?

 update June2014.   I see as you do that Endline has ceased to be.  Only pity is that evidence is gone too.

I heard another Irish voice-over promotion for a upcoming concert . The voice over is by an Irishman aping an American.  What State is the accent?  Ohio?  Maryland?  No!  The State of Abysmal!

The gig is for Neil Young, a Canadian.    To be charitable even a generic North American accent betrays the clueless nature of the business.  But of course nowadays it doesn’t take much subtlety to sell a product over and over again to the herd.


“Hi,  I’m Ralston! The author thought that a gratuitous insertion of my racoon face here would lighten up the mood!  


 What a jerk! “

 Here he goes again……

      More Circus?


1.  I haven’t being to a sporting occasion for years.  I was never keen to hear ‘The Fields of Athenry’ sung well, let alone badly. Or the compromised anthem  ‘Ireland’s Call’  either .   Bring back Molly Malone!

2.  I don’t like the corporate commercial take-over of sport.  I had spoken and written against the new rugby stadium appellation ‘The Aviva” since 2009.  Calling the place after a British multinational insurance giant (formerly Norwich Insurance ) is taking the proverbial p*** too far even by Oirish standards!    IRFU or the FAI never raise the bar of competency.   They just continue to FU!

Did AVIVA pay the 411 million?  No they did not!  They drop-kicked the Oirish 10% or 4o million approximately for the 10 year branding rights to the  ‘national’ stadium.  Our tax donation was 47%.  I think I should seek a name change soon to ‘Aherne Stadium’.  Eh?

On second thoughts maybe Bertie tried that!

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