It’s not just …….

semantic particularity.


We live in a communication age that required 10 years to elapse (ca.1996-2006) for the word ‘basically’ to be replaced with another linguistic filler ‘essentially’.  Tectonic plates beneath the ocean move more swiftly than contemporary broadcasters move from trite words.


1996 interview.  “basically we worked on the moovie”

2006 interview    ” Roight ! Essentially my motivation for the moovee was to….like… make a moovee  like…about a moovee.”

2014 interview    ” Ya! Fundamentally the moovee is a reworking of……”

Ten bucks will get you one that  ‘intrinsically’ is not far away. Someone might even hint at the truth     

 “Yeah!  Intrinsically movies and popular music are scams”

“Moss come here.  Look!  It’s intrinsically liquid in droplet form condensed from atmospheric water vapour under the influence of gravity.  Meow! “

Here are further language violations that have us put paw to head in anguish.

IRONY.   From the Latin word ironia out of  the Greek eirōnia

If a satyr and nymphomaniac relocated to Virgin County Chaste Street Idaho: it would be acceptably ‘ironic’.

If however the same duo went to Sexational Springs California; then clearly it would lack it.  A helluva time maybe, but not ironic!

 Want more?

Literally.  Not literally!

Many brain-donors today have a tendency to use a word where it does not or never could apply   ” I know the person you’re talking about yeah!  She’s literally on the tip of my tongue”

No! She isn’t.   She might have been last night but not as you speak now.  Geddit!!!!!

 Something annoying is on the tip of their tongues all the same.  Their head, body and their selves!

Across the english speaking archipelago of islands we have broadcasters who must feel the use of such terms is the height of literacy.

Here’s an actual quote from a Michael Corcoran or the latest ‘Michael of the Microphones Phonies’ in Ireland. During a rugby lineout he blared ” O’Connell sprung literally from the ground”What? What?  What?

Even I would pay to see that!

If  Mick the Mouth felt the need to add colour to the mania of his commentary he could have used the word ‘virtually’.  His job is to know some words.  As I have said elsewhere we expect our doctors and pilots and people with real jobs of responsibility to know the basics

Incidentally minutes later.  That’s literally minutes…..

Mick screamed         ” this is not rocket science”

Certainly isn’t!




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