The main thing is….

Vive la différence!

A pervasive cliché in the gender war game has been that men have more spatial awareness; single focus; interest in sports; need for statistics, and mechanical aptitude; while women are swayed by shoes, chocolate, babies, possibly yogurt; but shopping in general.  As well as home; interior design; other peoples homes; possession of homes; other people possessions; and so on.

Be that as it may, but not necessarily so; or be that it may generally be; but not specifically so;  I do prefer women’s politeness on the road when driving, even if they happen to be returning from shopping*.

It’s their innate disposition towards life; viewing it as a precious gift and not something to be extinguished by driving a ton of metal recklessly.

*The shopping is most likely a gift for someone.



Yet a law unto themselves at times





women drive

illustration: Robert Balder

text:  © MOSAherne 2013. All Rights Reserved


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