The ‘bleedin’ obvious or is it?

No matter where you go there you are!

Isn’t it almost incredible the geographical latitudes cities around the globe share when you stop to think about it. (pause)

I was in Palmdale California 2006 after a full day of running around at Edwards AFB in the searing sunshine, when I rationalised that the Mojave High Desert shares a line north and south of the great cities of Morocco and believe me there is little to separate the landscape features of both in my experience

The Atlas mountains and the Tehachapi range have much in common.













I’m out of my depth on geological specificity, so maybe ….


While the old country



has a latitude it shares with



What’s he talking about? 





     and ice-bergs!

off states of Canada.  Ice hockey playing states!  We don’t get the same penguin treatment due to the warming Mexican Gulf stream.  We do get cold.

We don’t have much snow to have sport with but we do have variations of soaking rain.

Four seasons we have if all  were shades of winter.  Warm winter; not so warm winter; not so cold winter; and cold windy rain soaked winter, with bleak darkness.

God probably wasn’t Irish after all!  When not shivering or drinking, the Irish have warmed to the chance of  flying with ‘big silver wings’ to more southern climes like migratory birds.

Speaking of which I urge all to join



 or similar charities for winged creatures who incidentally possess a supreme sense of latitude and direction.



Here are some locations which I travelled through that are allied in terms of this geographic parameter but have little else ostensibly in common

31°08′N                  Maroc


32°43′N                   Long Beach California


37°46′N                   San Francisco Ca

38°33′N                   Sacramento  Ca

38°54′N                   Washington DC

39°31′N                    Reno NV

40°43′N                 NYC

of the great mass of the CONTINENTAL US  the latter 4  have snow blizzards in winter to rival the artic nasa-usa


 while across the pond


NASA-EUROPEwhile  Madrid

at 40°23’N       has a pleasant hibernation…..

41°23′N                  as Barcelona

41°54′N                    as Rome

42°54′N                  Significantly, industrious Buffalo NY shares little with the two locations it divides by latitude.         Heavy snow more often than not in winter.

43°42′N                not so at     Nice

43°44′N                  Monaco.   Not much chance to skate or ski down the Mirabeau



but more so if you are in Minneapolis




then back over to Milan to buy some fashionable weather protecting clothes.

45°28′N             NASA-ISSMilan


Meanwhile a line could virtually (not literally) be drawn across the 3 cities below but leave the skis behind for the French capital.

47°22′N                         Zurich

Discovery over Zurich

Discovery over Zürich











 48°08′N                         Munich


48°52′N                         Paris



 Additionally,  Dublin-Hamburg are latitude buddies



 but North Sea winds bring a harsher winter on the great north German port.





 SAT Pictures in the public domain through the generosity of NASA, JPL, affiliates, and ESA should nevertheless be acknowledged as their generic copyright


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