Parody or Reality?


Salem Massachusetts  1692-1693 or Arizona 2013?

Illusions of an American idyll have all but dissolved

The Trial of Jodie Arias.







It was not a spree killing which in the last few years have become unnaturally common.

It was just a routine murder trial in Arizona.  Single death; single victim, and someone singularly accused.   Cut and dried!  Right?

It began as a tale of lust; sex;  sadomasochism, and some wacky Mormonism for extra measure.  Normal stuff in human evolution. Right?









The next couple of hours said more about the stupidity of media broadcasting, and the need or desire of humans for sensational gossip,  schadenfreude , or tales of horrible misfortune ……to others.

An inhumane circus!.

Soundbites and salivation with details from the forensic to the prurient. Split screen debate on every salacious titbit.   A gay lawyer complimenting the deceased’s friends room décor.   They are smilingly reassured.  This is the ‘instant attention social media’ generation.

Women against one woman; broadcasters against one woman, hack with hacks determining the guilt of one woman and one troubled Ms. Arias.  She was guilty before it was proven in court.  Congrieve’s “Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d” might serve as a DA’s ploy but the out of court scorn from women against this 21st century ‘Jezebel’  was  astounding.

For moments I thought I was watching a satire on law and hack media.

I’m still not sure.

The Trial of Jodie Arias.

There are gaps between segments in this clip.  Enough time to make you wonder or  quit.  Further viewing on YouTube of trial arguments throws more light and less heat on the darkness.

Is this jurisprudence?  Reality Show, or criminal law in the 21st Century?  Nor is it fair for the torpid self-referential media or law society types on this side of the Atlantic to see themselves as being better than that portrayed in Maricopa Arizona USA.



Another type of Jurisprudence.


I found 90 minutes to view a court case brought about by Patriot Act in the US.

It’s an eye-opener too.  Stay with this evolving and involving story from Culture Unplugged.



 ANGUISH comes in many forms.


Back home in Ireland, they don’t torture people…visibly!   They take their time!

I have resisted until now speaking of my personal legal journey through the labyrinth of the Irish Civil Court since 1987.   I will write fully on the matter elsewhere

Suffice to say on this platform successive actions in Court in 1994-and again in 2007 were won .  It was an arduous procedure which ought to have been straight-forward but moved like tectonic plates beneath a glacial remoteness.

It was a prolonged event involving an acquisitive elder sibling and her misappropriation of finances which by law and all measures of human decency belonged to ‘our’ invalid mother

Had there been true justice, the ‘in-laws’ barbarism would have been admissible in court.  As it happened, only partial and retrievable cash was of concern to the lawyers.  Too bad if you’re seek the truth.

That was late summer 2007.  Lawyers (solicitors as they are termed in Ireland) completely ignoring the ruling in court cannot agree amongst themselves over ‘the spoils’.  The matter is not closed.

I would urge people to fight injustice in whichever form or place it arises. The catch being you pay for law and get legalities.  Moreover you get the over-riding probability of a much shortened life.



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