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Here’s Dave speaking on the Conan O’Brien – Jay Leno controversy some while ago now ca.2009/2010.

Essentially we have a 40 million dollar a year personality talking about a 14 million dollar one that usurped a 9 million dollar one.   No fatalities here!


Here’s my question.  How much does it take to feel good about oneself nowadays?

Letterman was ‘value for money ‘ but only in the parallel universe of showbiz.  If you consider a galaxy away there is a rancid world where the Oirish Turdbodies (plural) vacuum clean the euro equivalent of half a million bucks; then in that curious relative way we can say that the North American TV license payer may count themselves lucky.    I use the word vacuum for the Turdbodies advisedly.  The vacuum left by the vacuity.

Let’s stick with the big fish in a big pond-not the tadpoles in a stagnant pool.

This is unintentionally funnier than it would have been had Letterman not goaded De Niro to ‘loosen up’ , as Dustin Hoffman tries to cover for him



The Making of “Goodfellas”

A Conversation with Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola



Photos of moi  

around the Ed Sullivan theater were on a picture website that has gone A.W.O.L.   I will insert them right under here asap.





BREAKING NEWS April 2014    I see talented Stephen Colbert has been awarded the seat (above) on Letterman’s retirement in 2015.

To be deadly serious showbiz and sport salaries are an indication of the imminent collapse of western civilisation, I tell ya!


 More intentionally funny people

Here’s east coast Boston comic Bill Burr doing a travelogue of LA.






natural comic!

as opposed to unintentionally unfunny Oirish ‘comics’


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