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Was it 20 years ago?

Nothing really has changed except for the hairstyles and clothes.  The ‘suits’ are the same as ever.



Did you see our Oirish types there?.

Dobbo at  26 minutes or Una at 25. 30 secs.

Being buffed up by a make-up artist is a bonus for the likes of Kenny, Duffy, Turdbody, Dobbo, Emer, Eileen, the Sharons and the Seoiges; not forgetting the comfortably retired St Anne.   The expensive shills, the corporate mouthpieces, the unfunny light entertainers cry at minor pay reductions or ‘haircuts’ in the asinine argot of the day.   ” “We’re good value. If we went abroad what would you do? ”

Somebody should call them out on that ideation.  They wouldn’t make it eleswhere!  Tadpoles don’t survive among whales in an ocean. Let’s just say for now,  I’d rather have another surgeon in a hospital than another anchor in a studio.

Fox or CNN.  It might as well be Dublin 4, or Dub 2anchorman


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