The State of Affairs



I bring you one instance of Irish gombeen politics aired around 2013.

Another town pump politician called Gilmore, elevated recently to high office, or an office that was higher than the last one he occupied, drew himself to full height on his hind legs and waxed imperiously on the economic debacle.  As if,  you’ll understand,  not enough useless words were not already spoken on the subject that was by the way, inevitable.

He was hand-wringing over Anglo-Irish, the larger prodigal bank, among many culprits.

“The degree of arrogance, the degree of hubris, the degree of couldn’t care less about the tax payer, about the Irish people, that seemed to be part and parcel of the culture of that bank”.  

That being the case; where was he, and what was he doing?

He could, just as well, have been referring to many levels of Irish society.  He could have been speaking about the new disingenuous shill priesthood of media which has replaced the older one of benign manipulation.  He could moreover have been speaking about politicians.

But when have you ever seeing vultures and hyenas kill each other, when there is enough prey?



The analogy is far from perfect but it’s a little like media personality Letterman ($40million a year) giving his view on Leno ($14 million) when he ‘dumped’ on O’Brien (9 million man.).  None are casualties!



 Dog gone!



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