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 thin or think

 From the above paradigm -this is ‘TN’ time


                              I used to write letters of a laudatory nature to moderately established figures in Ireland if by chance they had momentarily excelled in some endeavour.  Yes! I  do positivity as well. 

 Evidently it was not worth their time to reply.  

How and ever, world-rated figures in science; medicine; arts, and other disciplines that I have had similar communication with invariably managed their time to reciprocate. 

The same ability to reply to communication is true for ordinary mortals from all global locations outside Éire  in regard to the time honoured tradition of ‘courtesy to reply’.  Irish with few exceptions don’t do so.  They don’t ‘do’…..manners!  

 The lesson I have slowly learned would run along the lines ” the greater they be, the more civilised! Or as Confucius may have said ” when sma fish swim in sma pond they foul the wata”  

  I apologise to the great Chinese nation.  The linguistic typecast is for some small comic effect.   

 I also say sorry to the wonderful world of fish. 

 le fish

  They are vertebrates!


  I ought to have paraphrased Kǒng Qiū in this matter by ‘when segmented and non-segmented worms, and jellies commentariat in Hibernia crawl in a small pool, they stink the place up……”

There is another affliction that is endemic nationally, regionally,in large swathes (with noticeably exceptions)  and that is an inability to give anything away by way of commendation.  I know of people locally who would rather clean up outside their own tidy house (I surmise) and garden,  than give a remote sign of  approbation to another.



 Let them dwell together in their own company.

Lions, Leopards, Tigers Cheetahs nor Elephants can fully avoid the ugliest sound from their ugliest looking  neighbour.

Lions, Leopards, Tigers Cheetahs nor Elephants can fully avoid the ugliest sound from their ugliest looking Hyena neighbours.


  It might seem uncharitable or worse to ‘dump’ on this affliction but much has been left unsaid, and there’s more to come.  I am too busy at present to go down this route at the minute.  I intend to move all criticism to another platform, which I will call….

 IRE  Landfill……It’s surprisingly not full yet!





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