Don’t do it!


Shooting dangerous bipedal idiots is not legal?  What?

I listen to the National airways for a few minutes every month by podcast.  It’s a useful device to experience torture in small packets.

Lo and behold another batch of Oirish chatterati were speaking about bankers half a decade after the fact.  That the target of their ire were not at home to listen to it was a matter not discussed ! The bankers don’t have to endure this retrospective clarity.  Not even on a podcast! That’s another bonus for them!

It may be an imperfect analogy but these cosy in-house chats are like Dara O Briain arguing with Brendan ‘O Carroll on the state of comedy.  All fail to do what they purport to do.  Like the latter duo it’s unintentionally funny.  All make hay while the sun shines even if hay is not required.

These ‘serious’ broadcasters, hacks,and politicians bring issues and policies to the masses as entertainment.  Light entertainment with no enlightenment!  Some might even think they are doing the nation a  service.   One male politician speaking with a Joan Burton fervour  implored  “I’m speaking for the public”

Could they stop doing this!

One Olivia O’Leary is enough!   The retired but retained, forgotten but not gone Ms. O regards herself seemingly to be the voice for the people.

Olivia in her perceived role as Vox Hibernia makes extravagant use of the first person plural.  “We Irish are ….”

Delusions of  Maud Gonne or Countess Markievicz or What ?

Imagine her pitch to her producer friends in some waterhole of  D.4  


  ”   I tell ya;  it’ll be like Alastair Cook’s letter from America…

 but it’ll be ME in Ireland!

 Yes ME!

  talking down,  I mean talking to the Irish….

 about whatever I feel like.


Here’s the contract my agent drew up this morning!   ”



How to draw cartoon mouths, mix and match to create your own cartoons.




 Talking for talking sake is an industry in Ireland,

I have been saying for years that there would be far less Ozone depletion if pipes were placed in parliaments and studios of parlay to recycle heat.   The resulting expulsive air pressure coming from the orifices of ‘da Oirish’ commentariat would pneumatically turn turbines for the national grid. There might be slight technical problem as to which end or which orifice the gobshites need to be plugged though.

Visual joke aside; Global warming is a fact! As is over-population.

Visual joke aside;
Global warming is a fact! As is over-population.





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