Earthly Voice ……


Do we really need to look further than……..

“Facts matter even if we don’t happen to like them; Elementary moral principles matter even if they have conseqences we don’t wish to face; relative clarity matters!.

If you have an hour or so to spare from the common toil for a common wage, the Professor’s words will make sense.  The tone might soothe as a bonus.

He finishes with an unvarnished ‘thanks’.

He’s not thanking you or anyone in particular.  Why should he?

The thanks is for those who mutually gave their time

…….. listening.


Before we leave NoamFest;  there is a podcast that escaped from aRsTE.

Prof. Chomsky was interviewed for all of 7 minutes by a ‘solid’ enough reporter..

Fortunately, he was spared from Miriam O’.  She introduced the piece as if it were a benign disease  “Dis is NoaaaaM Chomsky here”:

The other blonde Clare B, book-ended the interview

“Dat was Noam Chomsky there!”


Cry or laugh!!!!!!!!






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