Just when…..



I gave praise which I never dispense recklessly  to the BBC and specifically Radio 4.

However from time to time standards drop……..

8th July 2013 ca.7.40 am

Sarah Montague rambles on about a tennis player called Murray (it could be Ruby or Chic for all I care).  She linked up with John Humphries in the way radio presenters imagine are seamlessly witty.

Sarah gasped  ” Now that Britain is the best at tennis and cycling in the world, maybe we can…..”

It got sillier.    He muttered “Go figure!”  Humphries might have been thinking about ice skating

Sarah thinking she was Dorothy Parker retorted.  “Go figure John? You’re so down with the kids”

Sadly both of them were on this occasion.

Additionally Ms Montague in the same programme blared “the British Lions won against Australia”  Wrong! .


When not being a ersatz Magnus on Mastermind, John Humphries is always ready with a suggestion.   On a reality show which had fellow celebrities paint artistically as opposed to domestically, John was so frustrated that he ranted

” Look!  Painting is not nuclear fission-“There’s nothing to it”

John knows a lot you must understand!  There are more than a few like that at Portland Place.  Though far less in number than the Irish genus who in turn have far less reason to think they know anything.  One may be media, the other is meedi o’crity.

Meanwhile BBC Mr Naughtie was reporting from Arabia and less heroically than he would like us to believe*** see footnote

Our man in Damascus with flack jacket white slacks blue shirt (I imagine as it was on radio) comfortably distanced from real danger (I surmise) gave his personal view.  Maybe he needed the break from Sarah and John. Though one must wonder if the current North African correspondent  in Cairo Mr Bowen could not have hopped on a plane across the Sinai.

This was an atypically bad edition from Radio 4.  Portland Place normally sets the standard.




***  Nothing as imbecilic as RTE’s Lawrence of Arabia-a someone called Phillip Boucher Hayes on a middle eastern self promotion junket or assignment (as Montrose would have it).  He would be more likely to get in a serious predicament with his Land Rover jeep in Donnybrook Dublin than he pretended to be in Libya at that time.


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