Time, Place and Being.

Impression at 27,000 feet. Rome is not burning, and Nero never played.

Impression at 27,000 feet. Rome is not burning, and Nero never played.

It has taken 55 years to drop into RC Central, or Roma.  Initially last year and then again in 2013 for a few days.

I had being around most of Europe in the 1970’s but only in a ‘ 13  day-pitch your tent-after Milan, this must be Zürich’ sort of way.

I will try to find time to write a little on each place, but being fatigued-I will do so later.

Meanwhile some modest morsels in miniature.

Not too shabby here…


The penultimate one maybe Maria Buonarroti Simoni, an ancestor of Michelangelo.  Maybe not!

The last one is not the second room of the Papal residence, but an inexpensive room  situated a mile or so north of the Vatican.  40 euro per noctem.  Cheapness or frugality?.  Sometimes it’s easier to travel alone.  She’ll never understand.

It’s amazing what good lighting and the right angle can do.  Hundreds of  photographs in musei or outside in the walking museo of Roma itself, to follow. I’ll get around to them soon.

Ciao per ora

Fotografie sono sotto copyright: Maurice Aherne



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