Putting Descartes before the Cheval.

Did you ever have an unsettling feeling that society is not as it ought to be.

I have said before and it stands repeating that  “many people put Descartes before the horse” 

René Descartes, back in the day, mouthed  “je pense, donc je suis”  to his countrymen and women which proposed that by the mental act of pondering upon one’s existence proved that one actually exists

Subsequently René re-drafted this as cogito ergo sum possibly when his literary agent advised him on audience reach and the book market demographic.  Probably not!

Today many billions of adult or nearly adult humans with unbounded hubris, think that they think just because they are, and furthermore have knowledge just because they think.  Or worse, they perhaps feel,  “we are , because we have a phone where other people can prove to us that we exist”  They also might have Facebook and Twitter.

Amid the choir invisible in the celestial loft,  René is heard    ” les fous, les fous, les fous”



 “Halo! La lumière ici est très forte ici.  Dieu m’a donné Foster Grants”


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