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Yes!   This Maurice O'Sullivan Aherne.

Maurice O’Sullivan Aherne at Cape launch…..again.

I have been asked as to the reason for the eponymous title.  Best explained by a passage of a parable, “no man, when he hath lighted a lamp, covereth it with a vessel, or putteth it under a bed; but putteth it on a stand…”  The Bible didn’t mention Google’s pre-eminence.

The MOSAherne is a contraction of Maurice O’Sullivan Aherne in loving respect to both sides of my family.  The moniker usefully combines the name of a remote grandfather and J. Joyce lookalike, Moss.  I refer to physiognomy without the global renown.

All three of us may have had a shared interest I see…..

My good eye is always looking for beauty.

My good eye is always looking for beauty.

Loyal Harriet was back in Blighty making the payments, as Jimbo sits with Sylvia (Beach )and Adrienne (Monnier) at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris in 1938.  Poor Nora was left with the domestic responsibilities.  From author Gisèle Freund.  Source. Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University. 


I digress.

Even on this planet someone named we’ll say Hieronymus Bosch will have a namesake not so far away.    I have decided to change bye-line and title for the sake of clarity. I was slow to notice that Latin is not the language of the day “Questia Omnia” as it had been.   However it’s still about asking  questions and having a BS radar tuned in!  Better late than never!  I do like sports or did .  That’s why I don’t pay much attention to what has replaced it.  I will write more on this soon.  When asked about a ‘favourite’ book by another site I authentically said ‘autobiography, and that would be mine’.   It’s on recurring ‘hold’ until bookstores clear shelves of celebrity gossip and pubescent biography.   Since that might not happen until a nuclear winter,  a greater incentive is needed

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My personal journey patiently awaits paper, much greater focus, and time.   The better amongst us shall be named and the lessers (you’re ahead of me here) shamed!  Upon a night sometime past dark thirty if fickle Fate doesn’t finally terminate my subscription to this temporal sphere, I’ll settle before the blankest of pages and by force of will if nothing else consign to parchment,  events that changed everything irrevocably, and for the worse.

It might require large doses of humour to make it bearable or readable but that  shouldn’t be a problem.

Either way  it won’t matter because for once quite ironically it’ll be for me.


Or as Stephen King wrote….. “The most important things are the hardest to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words diminish them: words shrink things. “   

So this Web Journal is a figurative toe in the ocean.  Part memoir, travel writing, and essays.  It might wander at stages into the realm of biog. A fetal kick as it were to something more substantial.   An embryonic exercise.   Each line of opinion can be viewed as a cell of sense and erudition. A zygote of…

Ok enough metaphor.






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As to the Gravatar inquiry which asks 'About Me' ? There is a life sustaining atmosphere. If they meant ...a description; there is more than the fraction shared online.
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