How Do I Love Thee…..?

 Count the flowers and candy for crying out loud!  That’s the view of those who adhere to Valentine’s Day it appears.  VD or another holiday for adolescents who need to be reminded that they may be loved. 


 It might be wise to be ‘in like’ to start with.

My Eyes Adored You ......First......

My Eyes were first to adore You



 A cynic both ancient and modern might say



 VD day,

 brought to you by Hallmark Inc et al..


 Next stop…….Easter! 


 Forget Ovaries be Careful Day on February 14th

 ……there’s chocolate Ova coming soon!


 What follows?  

Summer on the beach.   Maybe you could lose a few pounds…….

 Slimming Day!  You want to look good, don’t you?


 Does someone love you enough to bring you to…..Paris, Venice, Shanghai?

 And on and on and on the inducements roll.  



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