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I saw film premiere  of ‘Life of Brian’ in London in 1979.  Humour had been banished from Ireland.  Even Cleese & Co  had been influenced by what came before them.  This rich seam of British comedy from Music Hall to Milligan to Monty was mined by Chris Morris in a very unique way in the early 1990’s .

The Day Today  is the televisual sibling of the wireless On The Hour. This episode ( at 20 minutes onwards) is not only comedically sharp but had the prescience to see the journalistic cravings for war porn in the years that followed.


This clip like many others will be preceded no doubt by some advertisement. Feel free to skip after the mandatory countdown.


Incidentally how do people come to regard desert land grabs of the early 1990’s as war?    Media that is how!

ps.  The Day Today still relevant regarding events in Crimea.


Extract from Blue Jam

“Often at night I hear a crying sound coming out just below my nose”

I paraphrase a request for someone to sit down   “please lower yourself to that horizontal board that prevents your fall to the floor”

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