The bad, the good, and the ugly


 First the bad news

I had thought after 50 years (yes 1964) that fretting over a sporting occasion was a thing of the past.  Maybe I knew I wasn’t completely immune but certainly not so worked up that an extra beta blocker would be required.  Like a Pavlov dog, I am conditioned to feel a certain way when my native country is represented on the world stage whether Horse-Racing, Soccer or Rugby Union. 

The event this time was England v Ireland RBS 6 Nations Rugby or explaination for friends overseas, 3 Countries and a Fourth with 2 colonies). I knew this 22/02/2014 match would be touch with tension for 80 minutes plus added.  I was right.

England 13. Ireland 10.

I would prefer physical victories to moral ones.  With a few exceptions, it has always being thus. Misery usually hangs around for days.


 the good news

I proactively trained myself to look for a distraction

 Despite local media hype, Bob Dylan tickets were quite easy to grasp.  Had it not been so, would I have been tempted to Sapporo, Tokyo or Osaka?  I might have been. Certainly Munich.


Can’t leave this theme of ‘bad and good’ without an ‘ugly’

Lawyer*    I have some good and bad news.  Which do ya want first?

client:                       eh…… bad news!.

lawyer:              your  DNA was at scene!

client:      NOooooo!!! ……

So what’s the good news?

lawyer:                  Your cholesterol is looking very good!

*Explanation for local readers.   Lawyers may also be solicitors in the US, while the US pejorative connotation of that word (if you ever look down before entering some buildings)is actually very apt.

You can assume what is ugly!


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