“Consciousness if conceded to the consortium has it’s consequences.  There are a lot of cons out there!  Try not to be controlled by contagia inasmuchas you can!  Contest it!”   O’Sullivan Aherne

” Controlled consciousness consumes and ultimately is consumed.  Do you want your mind to be consommé” O’Sullivan Aherne


 I considered placing my quotes under the triumviri beneath but hey it’s my spot!

The principle that human nature, in its psychological aspects, is nothing more than a product of history and given social relations removes all barriers to coercion and manipulation by the powerful” Chomsky

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society“. Bernays spin-master Eddy.  Ya gotta admire his longevity all the same!

 “Madison Avenue is a very powerful aggression against private consciousness. A demand that you yield your private consciousness to public manipulation”.  McLuhan



ps. above pic is not that avenue.

For Madison Avenue, say Dublin.4, or D.2, or D.6 of the Irish golden triangle where Satan’s triplets, Advertisia, ,PRonia, and Me D eye A, meet their elder cousins Legalia, and Estatia Agentia for afternoon tea since time immemorial or sometime before 1940 for argument sake.   

 Decades of their decadence have passed, and some have ventured beyond the Pale, to mix with their target audience, or the savages in the wider wilderness.  Times are hard.  Cachet is secondary to cost these days

Thanks to NASA AND ESA  for showing some lights down there.  They're on but there's few at home, if you follow.

Thanks to NASA AND ESA for showing  luminence down there.  The lights are bright, but it’s only the electricity grid.

“It’s so easy to manipulate an audience, but it’s nearly always clear that you are being manipulated. I think even people that are not critically attuned are aware of cynical manipulation in film”.  John Boorman being very generous in his adopted tax friendly for artistes country.  From where a slurry of pedler bubbleheaded reviewers of ‘da moovies’  have emerged mouthing nonsense about ‘da fillums’.  The slang word movie implies to move… moving… emotions.  It certainly moves popular  corn in a darkened room.

  Though Mr Boorman set a decent enough standard, some harsh truth would be appreciated John!


More insidiously, extra corn is served in living rooms by broadcast  ‘Mee D YA’.  The daily ritual of bathing and breakfast is shared by the unwary with corporate shills spewing shibboleths every hour on the hour.  Soap and Toast with a Host (my facility for aphorisms has no bounds).

These networks from where clowns speaketh down with clichéd forked-tongue

“What part don’t you understand? Road map Moving forward Tipping point. Facebook Twitter! Tweet us!”

Exercised           as a verb for a mental process such as in ‘are you exercised enough about our manufactured concern to tweet us about it, or find us on Facebook’>  Answer to that should always be NO!


“do the math”

There was a time when such a phrase would prompt sniggering.  Now the American ‘math’ singular is all the rage on this side of pond.

” above my paygrade”   used by rent a mouth opinion-twats who heard Barack O say it

“touching base -left field-stepping up to the plate” used by Oirish and Brits who probably never were inside a baseball park.  It’s unlikely that all three phrases will be used at one sitting.  If you do hear someone say all three in a segment; consider it a home run!   Reward yourself by turning off the wireless.

“you guys”       In a parallel universe where Matriarchy is perceived; there may be men who refer to themselves in a group, as gals. 

To finish off , and believe me I wish it was legal to do so with them ALL

Let me be clear.              I wish you’d try

Let me be honest with you.              For a change,-go on Pepe!

Let’s agree to disagree.    Let’s agree you try a long walk off a short pier.

Kick the can down the road.        A can takes 50 years to disintegrate, pal, recycle waste!

Haircut.       usually followed by trench and troika    This use of a WORD normally understood as cutting of hair in the course of a decade has co-existed to mean taking a severe penalty.   It’s use should carry one.  (Are you listening readers of news in your trench with a troika.)









team player


Unacceptable                  it really is

Anyways/Schadenfreude/Transparency/Downsized/Move on/Metrosexual/Kerfuffle/Track record/Game changer/Cutting edge/Bottom line

State of the art/Best practice/On the same page/Silver bullet/Out of the box

 Strategic plan/Mission Statement/Business model/and much, much more /That being said/As a matter of fact/Outside the box/Between the lines/Way forward

Is what it is/ or we are were we are.                Would that be the ball park where you step up to the plate and see an object from left field perhaps?

Point in time/Up to speed/Moving or going forward    Albert Einstein would like to know what ye mean by that!

 Wake up call/Bring it on/Jaw dropping/Bring closure/

Vision statement/Paradigm shift/Exit strategy

Money shot/Not rocket science/Sea change/The rest is history/Absolutely/In harm’s way

 Happy accident/A ha moment/Perfect storm

Be afraid, be very afraid/Mistakes were made

Tipping point          ———sadly not of the garbage spoken


Now the chance of one person using a high percentage of that nonsense let alone ALL of the above in a typical show, is unlikely.

Yet as I wrote those earworms, a voice echoing in my superior temporal gyrus was that of an early morning Oirish chat merchant*. Remarkably, his whole on-air schtick consists of this verbiage.  It’s preternatural!


 Zero sum/Law of unintended consequences/and there’s more



 While these Id10Tangos and Egos are ‘having their cake and more besides’, people such as emergency response workers do indispensable work anonymously . They don’t need a morceau from the gateaux because they have a soul.

Just as a clear day might be in sight, a fog descends as some NonCommunicorp studio stooge asks

“That’s all very well, but the laws of unintended consequences, going forward could very well be ……..Your mission statement looks like blue sky thinking to me. At the end of the day, I would have thought………the optics are…..”

Dilbert’s is bemused!  His more assertive friend empties a chamber from a concealed .45 into this micro-phony.  Not actually, but there might be mitigating factors if it were so.


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