So How was It for You?

By some quantum fluctuation 13.7 billion years ago(plus or minus just a few hundred million years) we are here on a minor planet in a tiny solar system in a smallish galaxy. It was a trillion times a trillion trillion that we are what we are, and are where we are. Note the exact technical description.

I refer you then to a more specialist mind in Harvard who calculated it to be about one chance in 400 quadrillion (or 4 x 10^17). Not happy to be laughed at by all (proper order)he went further by postulating that it was (I paraphrase) “an imperative that the reproductive age of each of our ancestors going back had to be reached and that string of probabilities multiplied together would leave the odds of existence of any earthly human being at an astronomical     10^2,685.000 “.

Illustrative art copyright of Crille.

Illustrative art copyright of Crille.

Do incredible odds such as that not confer miracle status on our more prosaic earthly endeavours?  Yes I think it does.

Does that make up for the slings and arrows of desultory fate?  Great personal losses, loss of face, lost loves, loss in general, scorn, and then some? Does that assauge the pain of it all?  Unequivocally it does not!

But some knowledge of this perspective in times past would have helped make the unmerciful challenges more acceptable.


ps.  You will be delighted to know a previous typo (lack of sleep is my excuse) has been dutifully corrected.  Just a small matter of involving ‘light’ and ‘years’ .


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