Superfine.  That makes one of us then! Superhot-That's me-under the sun for 5 hours.  Both bloodied but unbowed!

Superfine 289. That makes one of us.  Superhot me under the sun for 5 hours. Both bloodied but unbowed!


This F-4E is 1966 vintage though the first Phantom was developed through the fifties into many series.  I’m the all weathered superhot Irish December 1955 vintage human here.  I got to sit in this F-4 which grants one a feeling of possession and liking ever since then for this powerful McDonnell machine. 

 The 289 began with the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB, Florida in 1967. In 1969 it began its transformation into an Air Force Thunderbird assigned to the Air Demonstration Squadron at Nellis AFB Nevada. It earned it’s sobriquet “Super-fine 289”


Panorama 1

Now I know what you’re thunking!.  Am I two timing here at Boron?(North of Edwards).  Actually this was my introduction to the model. Seriously if you happen to be as unlucky in romance as myself the machine  was the only thing to caress.






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