Best use of analogy

mountain climbing and growing older 

Life is like slowly circling a mountain upward; you can’t help but see the world from a different perspective. The air is thinner, the vegetation has changed; you are aware that you are two-thirds to three-quarters of the way up to the top. You focus on the trail ahead. You have scars from earlier rock scrambles that inform the way you climb now. The memories of all the trails you’ve climbed are imbedded in your muscles. You are intrigued by what lies around the bend. You continue to enjoy bushwhacking, knowing you’ll find your way back. This is the time to appreciate where you’ve come from, the ever-changing horizon and the extraordinary view from this height. An elevation marker is unnecessary and meaningless.

(by a source other than myself.  I will endeavour to establish it)

or is it walking into the death zone imperceptibly.  Laboriously have followed a route made by a number of committees.  Physical energies spent, and so little time to enjoy the wisdom gained on the trail upwards.



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