COURAGE as opposed to crying

No one likes to go into oblivion without being remembered-holocaust survivor Regina Spiegal

A few scream and wail like soiled spoiled children falling on their ice-creams.

The latter brings to mind a self-centred Irish writer (is there any other type)awhile ago.  Someone called Nuala O’Faoilainn who with far less eloquence and far too much time gave a rant on her prospect of dying to her friend. Not just any friend.  Her amiga happened to be the part-time weekend-work only please wealthy wiley Marian Finucane on the wireless. The latter gave the former plenty time to cry on the national airways.

Yet there was a bright side.  One was going away forever!

Now if only the Marians Miriams Marys Michaels Martys Unas Clodaghs Clares* and one Keelin would follow or just go away permanently.   *I use the annoying ‘footballers plural’ as the object of my ire deserve nothing more.


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