Wha? Van Who?


Listening momentarily to our broadcasters.

It’s more than life-shortening!  Just for now…..



to be intoned dahs-tuh-YEF-skee not Dosstoyesky

Van Gogh is Vun Hucqk with a little phlegm

Admittedly I said Van Hock at one time.  Life is continual learning OK?.

Then of course we have concepts such as ‘irony’ that are misplaced and misunderstood by those goons on media shows who believe they know about such things.

Spare us from losing more time on this O’Lord!  Let our friend explain it all below in one easy lesson



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As to the Gravatar inquiry which asks 'About Me' ? There is a life sustaining atmosphere. If they meant ...a description; there is more than the fraction shared online.
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