Where? What? Who? Why?


My current location is  equidistant from the city of Cairo as it is from Jerusalem and Damascus.  It’s virtually halfway between Benghazi and Ismir.   More or less it’s a similar  mileage from  Athens as it is from Tobruq  (of Rommel fame).  It’s smack between the countries of Tunisia and Lebanon.


The location has been at the centre of human culture for more than 3 millennia.


Sadly the flight path covers the land mass where most brutal battles of the last century took place.  These thoughts take one’s mind off the cost of food at 35,000 feet.


Have you guessed the destination?


Yes, it’s Crete.  The spot where the first ‘europeans’ evolved 128,000 years after the trek out of Africa on their way up to western Asia.   Today Chania Crete is just a reasonably priced air trip.

I watched war footage on Crete during WW2 some months before I arrived.  The largest parachute drop in wartime took place here in 1941.  There were many casualties on both sides. What happened on the island explains a little as to the reason an entire traditional shop in Chania specialised in knives exclusively.   From a distance I thought it was a  gun shop.  Evidently the close and personal sharp instruments were the weapon of choice to repel invaders back in 1941.  The island resistance slew German paras as they landed  at Maleme and Souda.

NATO now controls the Bay of Souda.

Here’s a brief interesting video “I’m from Crete, I’m Minoan ”  to encapsulate a civilisation.







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