Another Long Nights journey…….

It hasn’t been the greatest month with one thing or another.  Primarily I had a less than successful journey to Berlin.  Sometimes a visit turns out to be one too many.  Ask the RAF.   I dropped in between 2009 to 2015.  Admittedly 70 years ago people had more to be concerned about.

Did I say a bad month?.  It hasn’t been the greatest 19 months. Accuracy comes from counting the seconds.  I recall less than two years ago telling a person that ‘things’ are fine just now, but you never know what fate has lined up” The listener said something to the effect “don’t be silly, look on the bright side”.  Within the space of a week I was facing another significant challenge which continues to this day.

Stock   ‘ya make your own luck , or “fortune favours the brave ‘ are clichés that are as useful as those who speak them.

Insight based on 6 decades of stoic resiliance.  Fortune favours the fortunate!   You can be as brave as a****** lion for as long as a ***** epoch without a grain of it!

Here’s a thought on the relativity of chance.

Some units of World War 2 soldiers were posted to the south of France moving up the Loire Valley .  It must have been a bonus during hostilities to know that you’re at least in the best of all possible places.

However their comrades on Juno and Utah beach Normandy,  would have had a diametrically different quality of experience,  I suggest

Even the British at Sword beach or across the Med in Libya had much to do compared with those landing at Frejus, St Maxime, or Cavalaire-sur-Mer?  Sunshine and the greater probability of living is preferable.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that there are different types of chance, or fortune. Operation Dragoon as the military called it, wasn’t easy.   Yet  it was easier by a distance.  The distance physically in this case being the country France, but the experiential distance been incalculably greater.

Nor do you make your own luck like a pizza!   How do you bake ‘random’. Fortune doesn’t  follow the brave.  It’s more likely to follow itself.

So ‘what to do’ as they would say? .  Whether it be stupid of a person to jump in the nearest lake  or endure. In times of crisis more recently I focus on the war veterans of previous generations.  The brave follow the brave.  These thoughts urge me from my sleep here in Crete.  Traumata might be excised in the pages of a book I need to write soon.   Time mischievously prompts.



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