WAR. Actual not acting!

No hyper-celebrated Hollywood bozo actor could come close to portraying the spirit and humanity of the men and women on all sides who served their nation in twentieth century war. There were exceptions in this context such as Oliver Stone, and further back to James Stewart, Lee Marvin, Tyrone Power, Audie Murphy, Charles Durning; a select few others.

Wars are started by those who will never have to fight or die in battle. Politicians and military high brass are never remotely in danger.

What stands out amid the horror of combat is the bond or esprit de corps of the warrior. Moreover even in battle,  humanity shines out to foe as well as friend.

In long dark nights of the soul which seem to increase with age not decrease I often review the history of generations before mine.   If not by book; by YouTube.  If you for one second are feeling a tad sorry for yourself -a quick antidote is to realise you never had to fight in the Pacific Theatre of WW2.  Nor the Atlantic for that matter.

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It’s worth noting that a few photographers lost their lives alongside the combatants.



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