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IRE Landfill

If you want to see my localised pain…..



IRE Land-Fill.


Inventive and necessary short documentary I saw 3 years ago
A government levy on plastic bags was a great dissuader locally. Not many policies work or are useful just like the politicians Ireland, but this 12 cent on ‘pbs’ has had an appreciable effect.
If only every disposable paper or plastic product had a similar dissuader tax
It was however discussed and debated ad nauseum for years and caused outrage among the mass of consumers but mirabile dictu, it now is part if not parcel
🙂 of everyday life here.

I noticed the US;UK; and swathes of Europe (the latter, which I had assumed were well instructed on such matters) had checkout stations were plastic bags were free to use per item despite being pre-wrapped in many cases.
A little operant conditioning is needed. Humans can be trained in small ways to start just as they were trained to…

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