The story put in the Ire Landfill. The message ought not be dumped there

IRE Land-Fill.

The Irish hyper keenness for a football player called Roy was, and often still is, a curious phenomenon. How the media circus kept the story running for a decade is another one.


Or the very expensive version of


At the time 2002, I was in Las Vegas and spared this Irish version of a ‘Mountain roared and gave birth to a Mouse’. When I got back I heard the tale. It was along the lines of boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy leaves girl. In this case the boy was called Roy, the girl the Republic of Ireland, and the love, I think, was football. Apparently the boy left the girl at the alter. The familes back home could never forgive or so on. One family blamed the girl, the other the boy.

No one mentioned how foolish this INFATUATION was.

None of the well paid merchants of…

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