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Ireland is a good place to be buried.  If you’re lucky it will happen post-mortem” 

“Most people lose sight that they are less than a grain of sand in the Grand Scheme.  Many see themselves as the entire beach.   More fail to see the larger desert that surrounds it. 

 “If you win all of your battles except the last; you lose!  That’s Fortūna at her most fickle.” 

 “Life would probably be a longer process without processed food” 

 “Deja vu is not what it used to be” 

 “First impressions are important they say.  Who are ‘they’ by the way?  Surely the shape from the ancestral mould ought to be more worthy than the impression!  

 “Consciousness if conceded to the consortium has consequences.  So many cons seem constant!  Don’t be controlled by the contagia !  Contest it! ”

” Consciousness under market control consumes consumables but ultimately is consumed itself.  Ask yourself  “Do you want to be little more than consommé?



  “It may be due to ageing that his primary focus for some time was not to end up on the evening TV news. ” You don’t want to be a one liner on an autocue read by some media monkey trying to keep a straight face” he reminded himself hourly”

“He was feeling heavy but not in the ‘hippie’ way.   More in a very unwell sense. Sadly the default setting for much of the time”

“If C is literally the difference between charmed and harmed, there’s a f***ing chasm in meaning he murmered.  It’s likely that every ‘body’ has some measure of fortune and ill,  he went on, adding “but someone ran off with my  quota 52 years ago  “

 “He was optimistic that pessimism would not spoil his remaining time. He willed himself to live to 83 in 2038 when he could forget what went before and construct a little of what ought to have been”

“He would be a vegetarian if people stopped killing domestic animals and packaging them on supermarket shelves. He’d be contentedly married if so many women hadn’t got in the way. One of those statements might be wrong, he thought”.

Just give me the truth!. I’m 60! I can take it! “

“His biggest regret was not kissing or stealing kisses from every pretty girl he had laid eyes on”  He in later years thought about it as a possible charity venture.” 


 Maurice O’Sullivan Aherne

My quotes


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As to the Gravatar inquiry which asks 'About Me' ? There is a life sustaining atmosphere. If they meant ...a description; there is more than the fraction shared online.
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