Réflexion sur Paris

Nous rendrons pas à la terreur. 

 Vive la liberté.  

Why is every tragedy in recent times converted into a month of voyeuristic journalism which largely feeds the twisted psyche of the terrorists?    The second heinous attack within a year on Paris received a reactive onslaught of  speculations; postulations; presuppositions and theorizing second by minute by hour, repeatedly.  TV folk who usually tour their government war zones in spotless flack-jackets miles from danger,  turned their artificial eye of concern once more in 2015 to the City of Lights.  Here at least,  a better class of  hotel was guaranteed after a hard day of repetitive mawkishness.

Tragic events which reach a scale of numbers get this media treatment.  Talk bordering on the salacious is contrived to appear as empathy.

I ask.  Would a day of descriptive reporting followed by respectful silence not suffice.  The family of each victim will have a lifetime to carry the burden.

Since La Marseillaise et le Tricolour have been abducted by the assemblage, I’ll leave my profound sympathy with memories of  La Ville Lumière




Often viewed Paris by foot. This time by tourist bus.DEUX FILLES

Often viewed Paris by foot. This time by tourist bus.


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