Had time under a leaden sky to ponder the big question. Not a teasing inquest into the folly of a casual smoke with a glass of something, but the one about death’s unalterable presence.


Nothing morbid.  I was simply looking for clues to dodge and weave around the Reaper as longevity is my goal lately. I reckon there’s no point in being a f***ing warrior for 60 years of brutal battles only to be slain by a stray bullet moments before armistice.

Well there wouldn’t be if any of us were in charge of our fate. Not the sort of nonsense the lame-brained think of when they brain fart   ‘ you make your own ‘.

No you bloody don’t.  Fate!  That known unknown. That fickle sadistic b’stard’.



After a life of planning which we all were taught to do more or less I try to live in the moment now.  Yet I know no matter how I value each micro-second that ultimately I am not in control of something that will happen.

As if that wasn’t bad enough……..



Having persevered through Providence in the temporal sphere it’s perverse in the deep autumn of my existence that the consolation prize of an eternal reward  (maybe the one with delightful maidens) has all but been dispelled by scientific evidence.

It seems not even the infinite universe will be infinite or perpetual.

The stars themselves will expand, collapse and end. Our puny but useful one will consume it’s dependant circling orb.   I reckon of the three or so theories in astrophysics on the final curtain as it were -the one which espouses that the expanding Universe will eventually lose it’s heat and light and petre out to non-existence is the likely eventuality.

Still it didn’t keep Mr. Feynman from looking at the positive side….




WHY sticks out as the most important question for me!  Followed by HOW



Come to think of it another notion is nullified. The song lyric ‘we are stardust, we are golden, and we got to get ourselves back to the garden’ is not true. The ‘we are stardust’ bit, I mean. Come to think of it the part about the ‘edenic’ garden too!

Despite online physicists (Mr Krause I recall) and others  say that ‘we are made of stars’ ; he and other very intelligent people are forgeting about biology which ‘came’ long after the initial great physics, big chemistry and gigantic geology. Billions of years of the latter and then human sex. Biology only covers moments in a 24 hour clock parameter of the Earths history alone.  Much like the act itself.

So  ‘us’  being stardust is a notion which is hugely diluted.

Sorry to dispel the poetry Joni but you meant well I guess.


Without too much detail, the story goes that billions of years after the initial singularlity swirling cosmic dust with the help of gravity aggregated to form what became planets and so on. Sometime after earth’s formation 4.3 billion ago, bacteria, atoms, molecules, and so forth up climbed the chain to little swimming critters right up to the stage where anything remotely looking ‘we like’ made it’s presence.

The nomenclature of classification such as  hominids;  habilis;   australithicus; erectus; sapiens, are different for a good reason. The so called homo-sapiens (somehow too much homo-not enough sapiens for my liking ) has reached it’s current state by a lot of biological fluids.  Our ‘we like’ had ‘stardust’ but only if you are prepared to stretch the notion .

More on life and inevitable death later.

Lets break for a musical interlude on Jango



I recommend the following tracks which are in Chill-Downtempo on Jango. 


lebanese blonde by thievery corporation

All I need by Air

and why not combine it with their

La Femme d’Argent

and Talisman

 Then try….

 Destiny by zero7

Anonymous melody       by org lounge

sol              by solar fields

cry baby             by spiller

dayvan cowboy                by boards of canada

distant light                           by jimster


Move from downtempo for awhile and escape to

Ultimate Summer Chillout

Another new day

Bohemian sunset by Jazzanova




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